I recently successfully upgrade my MacBook to the new version of Mac OS X, also known as Leopard. After one hour, I had a ready to go system, without any problem.

I think Leopard is a great upgrade especially for:

  • The Finder is now very smart and responsive. The search is amazingly fast and QuickLook is very handy, especially on text documents and images.
  • Time Machine is one of the killer feature that makes backup a breeze. The initial backup is pretty long, but after that, it is very stealth. and the Time Machine animations are REALLY cool.
  • Spaces is very handy, and its integration is nicely done. Moving a window from a space to another space is simply as dragging and dropping .Maybe, an permanent overview of the spaces will be neat.
  • In Terminal, you can now have tabs, which reduces the screen pollution. Another feature long seen before in Linux.
  • And what I like, is that EVERYTHING seems to go faster than in Tiger. It is totally subjective.

So, my piece of advice is go and get it.